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At Disco Zone you will have the most awesome, unique party ever! 

2 hours of dancing and games

The simple 3 button controller enables you to control the party. The start and stop buttons enable you to do just that! Just whenever you wish.  Nothing can be simpler! Our older clients don’t like to break for one moment and, apart from grabbing their meal and drinks, it could be two hours of dance, dance, dance!  But for younger children the 3 button controller makes musical games a real doddle – pass-the-parcel, musical chairs ….  We call the third button ‘Chill’.  It creates a more relaxed atmosphere for eating or just to chill out a bit. If you want it, you use it!

Play on the Hullabaloo play frame

Have a break from dancing and play on the Hullabaloo play frame for a while. The whole place is yours. What heaven!

Excusive Disco Zone sports bottle

We greet each of your guests with an exclusive Disco Zone sports bottle to use during the party and take home with them at the end. From the start they know they’re going to be spoilt! There’s unlimited orange squash at the bar. And mentioning the bar, it is licensed to sell beers, wines, cider and alcopops. This can be made available at your request.

Hot food and unlimited squash

At the ‘meet and greet’ stage we also take your guests’ food order – French fries with a choice of chicken nuggets, 100% beef burgers, sausages, pizza or fish fingers. There’s no need for you to get involved with the boring bits – you’re here to enjoy yourselves!  All you need to do is tell us when you’d like it brought to you.

Glow bracelets

You’ll get heaps of glow bracelets to distribute amongst your guests. Combined with the dazzling lighting effects they create an electrifying atmosphere!

Party Bags

To cap off the coolest party in town every guest goes home with a party bag.

All of this for just £12.30 per head
Minimum 20 – Maximum 100 guests
Available from 7 to 9 pm every day

Prices include VAT at 20%

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm a booking


Disco Zone, Gladstone Road, Northampton, NN5 7QA
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